Matt Van Swol
Matt Van Swol

What is Solstice?

Solstice is the world's most affordable, portable solar energy system. Unlike larger solar energy companies who charge you separately for each part, MVS Adventure Co. created an affordable bundle of both a solar panel and a high capacity battery together, all at half the cost of our competitors.


"Who is the competition and why should I buy yours?"

We have two main competitors: Goal Zero and all the gas generator companies.

Here's why you should buy ours instead:

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Goal Zero

Goal Zero led the way in portable solar energy and battery storage, but they did so with no competition so their prices are (we think) outrageously high. Their battery capacity is both less than ours and double the price without a solar panel. If you purchase one of their solar panels and a battery, the cost compared to the Solstice System is triple the price.

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Gas Generators

Gas generators have usually been the way people power their homes in emergencies or their tailgates at football games. Four problems: 1) They are usually loud 2) They need filling up with gasoline 3) They are crazy heavy and 4) they are large and bulky. Solstice eliminates all these concerns. Not only does it not make any noise at all, is lightweight and small, but it can also recharge from the sun, no gas required.

"What can it power and for how long ?"

We tested the daylights out of it on major electronic uses. Here's what the battery (without the solar panel) can power and how long:

  • iPhone 7 - 60 charges
  • Bose Speaker - 50 charges
  • MacBook Pro - 14 charges
  • Large Box Fan - 7 hours
  • 55' 4K TV (while streaming) - 3 hours

Note: The Solstice System can both charge the battery and output electricity simultaneously leading to far better battery results. For example: when we connected the battery to the solar panel and tested the TV again, it lasted all day long.

"How much does it cost?"

The bundle of the 50W Solar Panel and the High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery will be: $299.

Note: We are in the process of creating a larger battery for high power users for $399.

"What are a few ways I can use the Solstice System?"

Currently, product testers are using their Solstice System as:

  • Drone videographers and photographers in remote areas
  • Apartment dwellers who want to take their solar systems with them when they move
  • Off the grid van-life adventurers 
  • Tailgaters
  • Road-Trippers
  • Event Coordinators for outdoors events and games
  • Tiny home dwellers for small appliances and electronics
  • Vacationers on the beach or in the mountains
  • Campers who aren't near power

The list is endless, anything you need power for when you aren't near an outlet, especially larger electronics like laptops, cameras, drones, and even small fans can easily be powered for hours using the Solstice System. Click below to be notified when it releases!