Matt Van Swol
Matt Van Swol

Services We Provide

Looking to make your business stand out with creative material? Looking for a photographer or videographer for your wedding or next big event? MVS Adventure Co. exists to create high quality creative content to make your business or event stand out as unique and imaginative. See what services of what we offer below!

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Social Media Marketing

Wondering why your business isn't getting the exposure it deserves? It could be that you are missing out on hundreds of thousands of customers due to a lack of social media content. MVS Adventure Co. has had huge success in bringing companies and tourism departments alike into a world of better business using social media marketing tactics that have been carefully honed for years. My own company and Instagram page (@mattvanswol) are proof that a business can start from nothing to thousands of dollars in sales per month, by only using social media marketing.


A Cheaper Way to Better Product Photos 

MVS Adventure Co believes that amazing photos of products shouldn't have to cost thousands of dollars, so we offer a cheaper way! We bundle multiple products by many different companies on one trip and cut by 70% the cost of amazing product photos. See for examples of this!


Drone Videos and Photos

We combine the best drones in the business with uniquely creative minds to take photos never shot before, like this one of Sacred Heart Cultural Center, the first aerial shot in over 130 years.

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